The Mercer County Sustainability Coalition is an alliance of the Green Teams and sustainability organizations of Mercer County, New Jersey and the Mercer County Office of Economic Development and Sustainability.  Formed in 2013 to better coordinate the various green teams and sustainability organizations around Mercer County, the Coalition works to promote a regional and collaborative approach to sustainability initiatives.    Environmental issues know no regional boundaries.    From our air and water quality, to transportation, to trash and recycling, these issues are common to all of the municipalities within a region.   It simply makes sense to promote sustainability regionally and to tackle issues together.  By uniting together coalition members can become greater than the sum of their individual parts.

Members of the Coalition have collaborated on the Living Local Expo, the region’s annual “green fair” which was originally spearheaded by Sustainable Lawrence eight years ago and run each March.  They also spearheaded a Food Waste Recycling event in October of 2014.


Our mission is to create a countywide partnership that allows partner members to work collaboratively, share resources and best practices, enhance our individual goals, and work together on sustainability initiatives that could not be achieved alone.


  • Identify countywide projects and initiatives where collaboration among the partner members is critical to their success
  • Reduce the GHG emissions of Mercer County
  • Increase adoption of the curbside organic waste program throughout Mercer County


2016annualreportcoverRead the first Annual Report published by the MCSC, 2016, a Year of Momentum for the Member Communities of the Mercer County Sustainability Coalition.  The report features an overview of the sustainability accomplishments of the 12 communities in our county, plus those of the Stony Brook-Millstone Watershed Association and the County government.

Additionally, it provides a view into our strengths as a County and which Sustainable Jersey action categories were the focus of action among the the communities.

See our supporting documentation below.

2016 MCSC Master Action Tracking Spreadsheet


The Coalition meets regularly to promote sustainability initiatives in the region.  Join us.  Check out our calendar to find the next meeting date.



Members of the Coalition have collaborated on the Living Local Expo, the region’s annual “green fair” which was originally spearheaded by Sustainable Lawrence nine years ago. To learn more about the Living Local Expo, please check out the new 2016 website. 

A Food Waste/Recycling event in October of 2014 and a Sustainable Jersey for Schools in November were other collaborative efforts and more events are being planned. To learn more about who we are and what we do, please get involved. Become part of the solution. Join your local sustainability organization in Mercer County.

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