Sustainable Princeton

Sustainable Princeton envisions a Princeton where everyone lives and works in ways that are sustainable, including reducing energy use and waste, protecting the natural environment, and meeting human needs fairly and efficiently.  Their mission is to reduce their community’s energy use and waste as well as their impact on the natural environment by partnering with  Princeton residents, businesses, schools, local government and other community groups to achieve measurable results.  Their  current goals are (1)  to reduce energy generated by fossil fuels by 20% in Princeton by 2020 and (2) to reduce waste by 50% in Princeton by 2016.

Sustainable Princeton arose out of a partnership between the Princeton Environmental Commission, the New Jersey Sustainability State Institute and in consultation with the residents of Princeton. Initial funding for a part-time Sustainability Coordinator and an intern was provided by a grant of $15,000 from a local family foundation and $7,500 each from the Borough and Township of Princeton.

Our initial goals were captured in the Sustainable Princeton Community Plan, finalized in 2009….

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