Trenton Green Team

The Trenton Green Team is composed of a group of engaged Trenton residents and people who work or volunteer in the City all of whom demonstrate a commitment to fostering a healthy, sustainable community.  City staff, Trenton residents, and Trenton area non-profits all work together to engage community members and to foster sustainability initiatives that will make Trenton an even better place to live, work, and play.


The Trenton Green Team meets on the third Thursday of each month.  All are welcome to attend.

Time: 4 pm
Location: Trenton City Hall, Department of Health Conference Room, First Floor, 319 E. State Street, Trenton, NJ.



EmailJim Simon, Chair  | Dan Fatton, Vice-Chair,



The City of Trenton formally established its Green Team in October 2011 with a resolution from City Council.  The Trenton Green Team launched with a focus on participating in the municipal certification program of  Sustainable Jersey, a nonprofit organization that provides tools, training, and financial incentives to support communities as they pursue sustainability programs.

Monthly meetings have been held in City Hall with community participation and collaboration since May of 2011. The Trenton Green Team has actively supported the City’s efforts to undertake a comprehensive Master Plan process and in 2014 testified in favor of pursuing a more comprehensive sustainable Master Planning process, which is now underway.

In November 2014, City Council adopted a resolution renewing support for the Trenton Green Team and supporting the City’s application for 2015 Silver Certification (in process).  The City of Trenton is currently certified at the Bronze Level of Certification by Sustainable Jersey based on its 2012 submission.  The Trenton Green Team benefits from the technical support of The College of New Jersey – Bonner Scholars Program.

Current Initiatives

In November 2012 Trenton received its first Bronze Level certification from Sustainable Jersey.  Trenton is currently pursuing Silver Certification and is engaged in a number of exciting sustainability efforts.

Priorities over the coming year include:

  • Expand education and community outreach efforts
  • Implement Trenton’s Climate Action Plan
  • Implement green infrastructure projects
  • Pursue waste reduction & zero waste goals.

Current initiatives include:

Arts & Creative Culture
  • Establish a Creative Team
  • Creative Assets Inventory
  • Brownfields Inventory & Prioritization
  • Brownfields Reuse Planning
  • Brownfields Marketing
Climate Mitigation & Adaptation
  • Municipal Carbon Footprint
  • Climate action plan
  • Community carbon footprint
Community Partnership & Outreach
  • Create a Green Team
  • Community Education & Outreach
  • Hold a Green Fair
Diversity & Equity
  • Lead Education & Outreach Programs
Energy Efficiency
  • Energy Audits for One Building
  • Community Gardens
  • Farmers Markets
  • Making Farmers Markets Accessible
Green Design
  • Create a Green Development Checklist
Health & Wellness
  • Building Healthier Communities
  • Safe Routes to School
  • Smoke-Free and Tobacco-Free Public Places
Innovation & Demonstration Projects
  • Raingardens
  • Green Infrastructure Study (Innovative Project)
  • Rx for Health Program (Innovative Project)
  • Assunpink Stream Daylighting Project (Innovative Project)

If you would like to get involved in any of these actions, please contact us or attend one of our monthly meetings!

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