Hightstown Borough

Goals of the Hightstown Environmental Commission – 2019

  • Designate locations and plant 12 new street trees
    • Develop “preferred” trees list by neighborhood or street location.
  • Work with the borough to dedicate in the budget 5 days with a tree crew to shape and maintain our street trees and Park trees.
  • Develop “Review Team” to collaborate on site plan reviews.
  • Complete ANJEC grant in Rocky Brook Park
    • Work days with Peddie and HS environmental groups.
  • Recycling Campaign– increase Borough’s compliance by 10%
    • Increase recycling capacity- add special recycling days and materials
    • Consider setting up a recycling center (perhaps special weekend event)
  • Small Business Energy Efficiency– get at least 5 new businesses to participate.
  • Work with Parks to resurface the Greenway with new gravel. Repair edging and clean up around the entire greenway.
  • Identify and tag all trees in Association Park.
  • Sustainable Jersey– Work to reach 500 points
    • Work with the High School to register and participate in Sustainable Jersey for Schools.
  • Work with Peddie and Meadow Lakes on the food waste recycling program.
    • Look to expand the program to EW school district and downtown restaurants.
  • Continue to be an active participant with the Mercer County Sustainability Coalition.
  • Bring together a coalition of Environmental organizations for the Harvest Fair. Goal would be to have at least 6 organizations all in one area.
  • Move Council to pass the expanded tree ordinance
  • Introduce and move council to pass the expanded Storm water ordinance.

In Collaboration with Parks and Rec.

  • Install new shed/covering for the Pedal boats down near the boat dock.
  • Resurface the Greenway paths.
  • Install new sidewalks in Association Park.

In Collaboration with Borough, First Constitution and Housing Authority

  • Develop a community solar site including solar parking structures, EV charging areas, rooftop solar at the Housing authority that can benefit the larger community.

In Collaboration with East Windsor

  • Complete section of Greenway out to Etra Road/Meadow Lakes

Sustainable Jersey Certification

Hightstown was certified on October 19, 2019 with 385 points, receiving a Silver Certification.  Hightstown Sustainable Jersey Certification Report.  In addition, Hightstown received the Sustainable Jersey Creativity and Innovation Award, an award that recognizes forward-thinking municipalities that support a culture of creativity and innovation as it implements new approaches to problem solving.

The Hightstown Cultural Arts Commission developed a Public Art Master Plan and Hightstown’s Planning Board adopted it as part of the Borough’s Municipal Master Plan. Included in the plan is a requirement that a percentage of any redevelopment efforts be dedicated to the inclusion of public art. Over the past two years the commission has worked with the greater community to establish pop-up art galleries throughout the borough and dramatic arts and theater performances with children of all ages at the local parks.

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