What Businesses and Non-Profits Can Do

We invite you to join with us to create a greener Mercer County.  Check out the following suggestions will help you to save $$$ and …


It’s all about energy.  Reap financial and energy saving benefits by participating in some of the programs listed below. These provide financial incentives to help you improve your energy E. We’ve provided a basic overview. Feel free to reach out to your local Green Team or Environmental Commission and they’ll connect you with the right contact for your business.

Small to medium-sized facilities

Tap into state funds for Energy Upgrades

Apply to the Direct Install program sponsored by the BPU and the NJ Clean Energy Program to learn how to get up to 70% funding for your business energy upgrades and improve your bottom line at the same time.

The state-funded program, Direct Install, pays up to 70% of the project cost to replace lighting, HVAC, and other outdated operational equipment with energy-efficient alternatives. It seems too good to be true, but its not. Learn more on our Direct Install page … 

As part of our outreach about this incredible program, members of the Coalition are reaching out to the business community of Mercer County to better inform them of the benefits of the  program.  In answer to your question, the answer is “Yes, it is true!  This program does provide up to 70% of approved improvements UP FRONT!!!”  We invite you to learn from participating businesses and non-profits for yourselves, as well as the Mercer County Direct Install authorized contractor.

Larger facilities

There is funding available for you too. The Customer Tailored Energy Efficiency Pilot Program offers a streamlined approach to energy-efficiency upgrade projects and incentives.


Renters can initiate these programs too, but landlord consent is necessary before proceeding with any work on their property.

public entities

The Local Government Energy Audit is free service tailored specifically for state colleges, universities, non-profit agencies, and select nonprofits. The resulting report details specific energy efficiency measures and incentives which can help pay for them.

Invest in renewable energy

Learn how you can install rooftop solar or offset your energy use with renewable energy through a renewable electricity provider.

Measure your performance

Benchmarking is a free service that compares your energy usage to similar buildings and offers customized improvement advice. This way you’ll know if your utility bills are too high.


Become a Certified River-Friendly Business

The River-Friendly Certification Program, a partnership of The Watershed Institute, the New Jersey Water Supply Authority, and the Raritan Headwaters Association, promotes clean water and a healthy environment through voluntary action by individuals and institutions. The program works to reduce pollution, conserve water, restore habitat for wildlife and educate the public about becoming better environmental stewards.

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