There will be a free public information meeting, March 7 at 7:00 p.m. at the Lawrence Township Town Hall. All small businesses are invited to attend. The meeting will be hosted by the Lawrence Green Team with Lawrence Township Mayor, Christopher Bobbitt and Sandra Torres of Tri-State Light and Energy, the authorizing contractor.

The NJBPU’s Direct install program offers a free energy audit to the small business that assess the business energy system and their energy cost. The program recommends upgrades that will save the small business on their future energy bills. The NJBPU’s Direct Install program can provide up to 70% off the cost to upgrade the business’ energy systems. Payback of the remaining 30% are typically a couple of years. The entire process, including the audit, construction, and getting the incentive is completed in as little as 4 months.

The Lawrence Green Team will work with Clean Energy Corps (CEC) outreach team from Rider University. Working with Tri-State Light and Energy, the Mercer County Direct Install contractor, the Green Team, and the CEC outreach teams will go out to the small business to describe the program and its benefits. The CEC outreach team will answer the small businesses questions on-site and help the business apply to take advantage of the Direct Install energy efficiency program.

Mayor Christopher Bobbitt said, “Lawrence Township has taken advantage of this Direct Install Program. We were able to reduce our energy consumption and improve our facilities at a fraction of the cost with the funding provided by the Direct Install Program. We anticipate we will save about $65,240 a year going forward, an amount that we can use for tax relief or to provide additional services to our residents. You can enjoy the same benefits to your bottom line and can use savings in your energy bill s to make your business more competitive.”

Come to Lawrence Town Hall on March 7 at 7:00 p.m. or call Tri-State Light and Energy at 610-789-1900 to learn more about this great program.