Planning a July 4th backyard celebration? Summer social-distancing party? Reduce plastic waste with creative decorating ideas. 

Say no to plastic balloons! They may eventually make their way to our waterways, and stay forever. Instead, make and string paper lanterns, chains, tissue pom-poms or flowers. There are many simple how-to Youtube tutorials with instruction for creating beautiful items you can fashion from colored paper or even your newspaper before recycling. And they make a great family art project. For example, learn to make a swirl party decoration at

Make your own glitter or confetti from leaves growing in your yard. Make sure leaves are not wet, select a variety of greens or other colors, and create your glam with a hole puncher. Who knew that hole punchers come in so many shapes: round, stars, hearts, daisies, oak leaf, butterfly? These can be found at major chain craft stores in our area. 

Check out additional ideas for creative ways to celebrate in style while being kind to the environment at