Next time you support our local restaurants, cut out plastic cutlery! 
When you place a take-out order, let the establishments know you don’t need plastic utensils.

Supporting our local restaurants is an important way to help our main street recover from the economic pressures of COVID-19 which is great!, But single-use cutlery is used for a few minutes yet lasts in our environment forever. Even compostable cutlery has its limitations.

If you are eating your takeout picnic-style or at one of the lovely new outdoor eating areas around town, you can eliminate the need for this landfill-fodder by bringing your own utensils from home. Local kitchen and hardware stores have lightweight, reusable sets available for purchase or you can make your own with extra metal silverware from your kitchen or even plasticware you’ve already received and rewash after use. 

Support Main Street, Your Street, and the Environment, together. #PlasticFreeJuly