When we are not using energy efficiently we are wasting a lot of fuel. This means we pay more money than we need to, we unnecessarily pollute our air, and we emit carbon dioxide (CO2) which contributes to climate change. 

Here’s what the numbers look like for cost and CO2 emissions in NJ (based on estimates for 2018)

New Jerseyans spend $33 billion annually for their energy (ranking us 12th in the US). This includes:

  75 billion kWh of electricity at a cost $10 billion emitting 18 million metric tons (MT) of CO2 

   8 billion therms of natural gas at a cost $5 billion emitting 26 million MT CO2 emissions. 

The rest of the costs come from burning oil to warm our buildings and burning gasoline to power our cars.

That’s a lot of money! Watch this page during October for ideas to save money and save energy.