We all know the 3 R’s: Reduce, Reuse & Recycle; doing these three things can actually save energy!  Just like the cleanest energy is the energy not used, reducing and reusing saves energy and reduces greenhouse gas emissions. Having less to throw away can reduce the carbon footprint of municipal waste disposal. (New Jersey’s municipal solid waste disposal accounts for 7% of the total New Jersey greenhouse gas emissions.)

Energy savings from recycling can be quantified.  According to the USEPA, it takes 96% less energy to make an aluminum can from a recycled can, 67% less energy to make a plastic bottle from recycled plastics, 60% less energy to make paper from recycled paper and 30% less energy to make glass bottles from recycled glass. 

And finally, one more thought about reduce/reuse. Perhaps you have heard of the days when milk was delivered to our doorsteps in reusable glass bottles. What a great way to reduce single use containers! Well, LOOP is doing the same thing with lots of different household products, from rice to snacks to shampoo and more.  LOOP is a project launched by our own local company – Terracycle.  Take a big step toward reducing waste in your home and subscribe to LOOP. Learn more here: https://loopstore.com/how-it-works