Looking around your bathroom, you may see several appliances that use energy. But there is also less obvious energy use related to water. It takes a lot of energy to move water around from well or other source to your house and then to the wastewater treatment facility. So using less water will save energy. And if that water is heated, you can save even more energy by using less. Water heating is the second largest use of energy in the home account for about 20% of your annual household energy use. 

So, here are some water and some non-water Energy Efficiency (EE) tips for your bathroom.  Learn more here: https://greenlivingideas.com/2015/07/10/4-tips-for-energy-efficiency-in-the-bathroom/

No cost EE tips

  1. Shut off the fan after it has cleared away the condensation
  2. Unplug devices not in use – reduce vampire or phantom loads
  3. Use cold water when brushing your teeth and turn off the water 
  4. Take shorter showers

Low cost EE tips

  1. Replace your lightbulbs with efficient LEDs
  2. Repair leaky faucets 
  3. Install a low flow shower head
  4. Add an aerator to the bathroom faucets
  5. Install a low flow toilet