As Fall arrives, we start turning on our lights for a longer time every day and our heating system begins to kick in. This is the time to think about using efficient lightbulbs, tightening up our homes to prevent leaks, and even considering a new more efficient heating system. USDOE estimates that heating and lighting account for over 45% of your home’s energy use. So taking a few steps now will not only protect the environment, it will leave a little money in your pocket.

Below is a starter list of Energy Efficient measures to consider this Fall. You can find even more fall and winter energy saving tips at these two sites

No-cost/Low-cost EE measures 

  1. Plug up leaks.  With some simple tools and low cost weatherstripping you can reduce your heating cost by 10%. You could have a contractor do these tasks also.
  2. Set your thermostat at a lower temperature.
  3. Install and use a programable thermostat.
  4. Replace inefficient lightbulbs with LEDs
  5. Make sure that your heating system is tuned up
  6. Change your ceiling fan to go clockwise and help push down the heat down

If you know that your home heating system is outdated and inefficient, now would be a good time to replace it. You can find a contractor and learn about the WarmAdvantage Rebate Program here:

If you’re feeling more ambitious, but don’t know where to start you can hire a Home Performance with Energy Star contractor to do a full house assessment